Sundar Photography


Sundar and his entire team were a great bunch of guys and it was an absolute pleasure to have them as the official photographers for our wedding. The casual photos were a fun experience and really captured the mood of the occasion. To top it all off, the final work they produced for the wedding album was of great quality. At the risk of sounding biased, it was one of the best albums that any member of both our families had come across


just wanted to talk and compliment few things about my wedding photographer. I want to compliment on there priceless guidance which Sundar gave us throughout this journey. The value of the service Sundar and his team provided exceeded far beyond our expectations. At first, I didn’t know who to work with and who to talk to, luckily my friend referred Sundar and his work. When I contacted Sundar, I was totally convinced that my wedding album will be in good hands. The days he spent with us during the wedding, we were able to find his professionalism, guidance, and outstanding talents. My Husband and I felt so comfortable working with him. It was a time of laughter, fun, it wasn’t like serious photo shoot, yet those pictures came out just perfect. Album came out just the way I wanted. Wedding album is once in your lifetime, either you ruin it or make it perfect. To make it perfect I would vouch Sundar’s work to make your dream wedding come to life on your wedding album. A special thanks to all of his team members also. Thanks, Sundar for such a great work!”


One of the most inspirational photography that I’ve ever seen live, I know you are not interested in making your career in film industry, where you would not get much of a freedom to establish what you think and your thoughts. Your type of photographs can only been seen generally for models and actors, But Sundar’s photography will be a dream come true and make a normal person think if their own photograph can be made that Impressive. The highlighting part is the photoshop techniques and your view of a photograph. Wish you the best to make lot of milestones in your life, All the best.