Hold on to me, b’coz I’ve already fallen for you

[Santosh + Monica]

Don’t be afraid I have loved you for a 1000 years; I will love you for a 1000 more

In the territories of French was the remarkable episode in the love of Santosh and Monica. Yes!! It was their wedding, inside the church with Jesus as the witness, they said those golden words “Yes I do”. Moni’s expressions made us realize how Cinderella would have felt when she saw her prince. Monica is from Trichy while Santosh is from Pondicherry. Monica’s interest in Costume and makeover was beautifully balanced by Santosh as he knew what needs to be shot. With the church full of near and dear ones, they gave us enough space to capture the marvelous show. This shoot remains in my heart as one of the cutest couples and followed by the wedding we had their couple shoot in the boundaries of French.