[Dhinesh + Nithya]

And in your eyes, I saw the love for the rest of my life

Dinesh and Nithya’s wedding took place in Trichy. Dinesh is from Trichy itself but currently in the United States and Nithya is from Natham. The marriage hall was filled with various colors, various relations and lots of giggles just as a typical Indian wedding. Dinesh and Nithya had beautiful eyes that most of the time, they used to speak through it. With the huge love for the mother, Dinesh welcomed Nithya to his wonderful world, with a charming smile to share his life. The couple wedding was an overwhelming experience for us, as we were treated with the great honor of respect and was given enough freedom to capture the show. The show doesn’t end at Trichy, we went to Natham, Madurai, and Mahabalipuram with the couple for the couple shot.