[David + Madhu]

Love marriages around the world are simple

Boy loves girl. Girl loves the boy. They get married. In India, there are few more steps: Boy loves the girl. Girl loves the boy. Girl’s family has to love the boy. Boy’s family has to love the girl. Girl’s family has to love Boy’s family. Boys family has to love girl’s family. Girl and boy still love each other. They get married “- Chetan Bhagat. It’s happened in “David & Madhu’s wedding”. Everyone has a dream of destination wedding when it comes to realty the love of two hearts beat together as a symphony. It rejoices to capture moving sculptures at Mamallapuram with the backdrop of sea waves. The romance between these two made us capture more. Two different culture wedding is a feast to the eyes, join us to see the morning session, it is traditional Hindu wedding, it is amused and the evening session is followed by Christian wedding with the music of sea waves is more adventurous.