Sundar Photography

Revealing the best moments is our biz.

We are Sundar Photography

For us, photography is always beyond choosing the best frames or best colors or best color combinations, to us photography is capturing the winked moments into frozen frames.

We are a team of passionate young and finest talents of the town who are experts in creating and capturing the unique and most memorable and priceless moments of your lifetime frozen in a frame. Our passion for photography constantly motivates us to develop our-self and build our skills in various fields of Photography. We make the perfect blend of Light, Love, Emotion, and Creativity. Creating portrait with stunning pictures which tells the story is our specialty. Our goal is to provide a service that exceeds your expectation and to make the journey fun filled with amazing memories both framed and unframed.

Nearly a decade, Sundar Photography has been the professional photography choice for Families, Corporates & Institutions. We are highly experienced in capturing the Happiness, the Joy, the Smiles, the Silences, the Pauses, the Secrets, the Tears, the Emotions, the Cultures, the Bonds, the Gestures, the Electric look, the Untold stories and of course the Undeniable love beneath them all. We are an all-occasion portrait studio providing services for Wedlock (engagement), Wedding Bliss(wedding), Spousal (couple shoot), Maternity, Juvenile (baby newborn & birthday), Corporate Shows, Product Photography, Bharatanatyam Photography, Architecture Photography and other Family and Official Get-together, our services include Video and Photography Memories.

I’m Sundar,

A photographer by Profession and Passion.

Breaking the barriers is our ultimate goal, as we are always fond of discovering new ideas and techniques in photography. We have a very interesting history to be noted, we were created by breaking the barriers. Ya!!! Our ancestors were the pioneers in opening this industry to this beautiful downtown, Trichy. Sri Sastha Studios was founded by Mr.S.M.Thiyagarajan who is one of the pioneers in the photography business in the Rock city Trichy. Sundar Photography is run by second generation successor who is expert in capturing the right light @ a right time in a right frame and has a perfect fusion of Fashion, Light & Creativity.

Our Services


Every wedding is a rebirth of the families, we know that such an amazing event needs to be immortalized most authentically because it’s ``YOUR`` moment forever, so we provide a unique service for each client.


We not only concentrate on the wedding, we capture every event in your life like engagement, maternity and even welcoming small kids to the world is beautifully stamped in form of pictures by us.


At Sundar Photography, we believe in bringing our expertise with lighting, the corporate look, and compositional photography to bring you the most professional and dignified headshots on the market.


We know every event in life has ``N`` number of memories which needs to be arrested into the picture frames. We concentrate on many events like Arangetram and many get-togethers.

Why Choose Us?

light composure

Photography is “drawing in the light”. The light is the most important for getting a perfect click of the image because it captures not only light & dark but also the tone of the event, the happiness, and the atmosphere.

Professional skills

We know that customers are our king, so we are always ready with open minds to accept their ideas. We have our studio in Trichy, where customers can directly approach. Our USP is on-time delivery, so we deliver the best and professional output at the right time.

Perfect Equipment

The critical skill needed by a photographer is to take spellbound photos, this is aided by the latest version of the best equipment and the best photography skills. We keep on updating the software used for editing too.

ultra hd

We have started equipping ourselves with providing ultra HD photos. In simple terms, this means providing photos in extremely large sizes so that the photos can be cherished forever. These photos are mostly used for the outdoor shoot.

unic vision

Our unique vision is to get sharp, well exposed and clear photos. We know, that photos help one to travel the time, so we create photos which stand sharp and unique even after years.

focusing knowledge

Every moment there will be someone/something which acts as a point of attraction, our job is to focus and capture those attractions, we make sure, we have depth in the picture focus, as it needs to stand the test of time.